About Our Firm

Faisal Bin Adel Abu Khalaf Office (FLF) has extensive and wide experience in providing legal services to a wide range of business owners, companies, banks, SAGIA, and governmental entities. We pride ourselves in being our clients’ success partners by ensuring that they properly incorporate their business and develop their partnerships & strategies. FLF provides its clients with the required legal support & solutions. FLF has also provided government entities with its expertise to enhance their regulations, policies, and procedures. FLF is also well acquainted with all Saudi laws & their implementations, and has a team of academics & legal specialists that provides its services in a professional & an innovative manner concerning consultations, litigation and arbitration.

Trainee Lawyers

Mashael Ayed AlJeaid
Trainee Lawyer

IT (Informtation Technology)

Waleed Mohammed Alafeef
Information Technology