About The Office


Faisal Adel Abu Khalaf Office Law Firm & Legal Advisors has extensive and wide experience in providing legal services to a wide range of companies and governmental entities. It is also fully cognizant of all Saudi laws and implementing regulations and has a cadre of academic specialists and is distinguished from others by providing services in a professional manner supported by his partnership with Vaskin Martino Law Firm Which has branches all over the world. Our office worked as the legal adviser of the General Presidency for Scientific Research and Issuing Fatwas for Three years and so far they are satisfied to our services. The General Manager of our office Mr/Faisal Adel Abu Khalaf worked as a legal advisor in the Committee for the Settlement of Banking Disputes in SAMA for more than Eight (8) years and participated in implementing, amending and interpreting the regulations and laws. During his work, he gained an extensive experience which enabled him to provide his insights and visions in dealing with the governmental decisions and regulations.

Our main experience and specialization can be summarized as follows:

  • Establishing all types of companies including (reviewing and drafting partners’ resolutions, amendments, transformation contracts, entry & Exit of partners, allocating shares, amending articles of association at the Ministry of Commerce and General Investment Authority).
  • Following up with the Labor Office, and GOSI Office, opening files, and taking all necessary actions.
  • Pleading before all grades of courts, judicial and quasi -judicial committees.
  • Settling and resolving disputes.
  • Providing legal consultations in relation to governmental procedures and relevant laws.
  • Following all lawsuits assigned to the office in accordance with the applicable laws and criteria in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The office provides the legal services to its customers in all fields including lawsuits and legal consultations, implementing laws and regulations, collecting dues, executing all procedures before all official and judicial authorities. We also have a department specialized in collecting as we are working for the biggest finance companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Our Firm also drafts and reviews different contracts including companies articles of association and taking the required procedures before Ministry of Commerce, preparing work organizing regulations, penalties and rewards regulations set forth in the Labor Law. The Firm also pleads in all cases before all judicial and administrative and represents governmental entities, establishments and private companies inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also represents many Princes and businessmen.

Litigation and Providing Consultations

Our firm is licensed under No. 28/108 by the Ministry of Justice to practice the profession of attorney providing legal consultations. Out attorneys and consultants are authorized to appear before all competent courts inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Drafting Contracts and Registration

Our attorneys and legal advisors provide the services with the highest levels to customers in all types of contracts and agreements and legal aspects including preparing regulations, supervision, providing consultations on corporate contracts with Third Parties, Articles of Association, partners resolutions, know how contracts, commercial agencies and distribution agreements, concession agreements, lease agreements, sale and purchase contracts, banking loans, bonds, contracting and construction contracts, license contracts and agreements, investment agreements and all other commercial agreements. Based on the high and wide experience of our attorneys, the office can represent all clients in drafting and registering all types of the abovementioned contracts and agreements before all governmental authorities inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC, Middle East and all over the world. 

Plead on behalf of governmental authorities

Our firm is experienced in this field as he contracted with governmental authorities and pleaded on their behalf and followed all related legal issues including General Presidency of Scholarly Research and Ifta and Saudi Council of Engineers.