FLF’s competition knowledge gives unparalleled expertise in all areas of competition law across Riyadh. Our Competition team consists of experienced experts with a mix of international and regional backgrounds who all work in accordance to provide a faultless service.

What units us aside of our knowledge, is our capacity to engage closely with the antitrust authorities in searching for information for the interpretation and implementation of some of the typically addressed gray areas of the competition laws. Given the most recent emergence of the opposition laws in the region, this direct connect with the antitrust authorities permits us to supply realistic advices and options to our clients.

With a strong litigation, commercial and common advisory background, our group is in a position to endorse on a large range of competition regulations from merger regimes, to counseling on cartel investigations, to cross-border transactions (mergers, joint ventures) and to defending our purchasers from antitrust complaints.

Area Of Expertise:
Merger Control

Our competition law team regularly advises major international clients on merger control notification requirements particularly those stemming from cross border transactions. We are experienced in assessing complex transactions and advising whether the proposed deals would trigger notification requirements before each national competition authority.

Compliance and Counseling

We have expertise in devising optimal training and counseling programs tailor-made to each client’s needs. We believe that prevention is the key and aim to devise programs and trainings that would address the commonly raised issues on antitrust violations and the means to prevent them. We have delivered several training programs to major international clients to ensure their legal and commercial teams are well versed in achieving day-to-day competition law compliance.

Dominance and Unilateral Market Conduct

The conduct and practice of companies with high market power are regularly scrutinized by their competitors and national competition authorities. Without an adequate strategy in place, these companies could face allegations of abuse of dominant position, subjecting them to high penalties and sanctions. We regularly advise clients on the main conducts and practices that would trigger allegations of market abuse such as discriminatory pricing, discrimination between one customer over another in terms of supply; the refusal to supply and discriminatory discounts and rebate.

General Advisory for Agreements and Conduct with other Parties

We advise on the antitrust/competition implications arising out of horizontal and vertical agreements. Our advice includes the review of commercial agreements between competitors, suppliers, distributors, customers and others. We advise clients on the rules governing exchange of information between competitors and have prepared guidelines outlining the do’s and don’ts between competitors.