FLF provides all forms of insurance for various different cases; we are very keen on assisting our clients in drafting and reviewing all types of insurance policies and contracts covering property insurance, professional and third liability insurance, theft insurance, car and housing loan, maritime insurance, fire insurance, and travel insurance. Also, we handle all forms of litigation relating to insurance as well as assisting our client(s) in obtaining permits and license to undertake insurance as well as insurance brokerage activities.


Our firm assists its clients in drafting and reviewing all forms of agreements without limitation, including management agreements for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. In addition to that, we assist in joint venture agreements between healthcare companies, hospitals, or clinics shares and assess purchase agreements. Lastly, we also review service agreements between a doctor and a hospital, client, or any other healthcare facility.


We have experience in a range of insurance industry legal services, including:

  • Representation in regular and subrogated claims.
  • Advising some of the world’s largest insurance groups on health insurance requirements, regulations relating to foreign insurers, licensing and establishment in the region.
  • Providing advice and assistance in the set-up of insurance businesses in the MENA region and further consultation on product liability, public liability, workers compensation, professional indemnity and health insurance requirements.
  • Reviewing, advising on and amending Takaful policies in relation to various types of insurance including medical group and group family protection plans and professional indemnity.
  • Advising some of the largest airline companies in the region on insurance requirements and claims, in particular industrial and personal injury claims as well as advice and representation for subrogation claims by insurers.
  • Negotiating settlements and representation in arbitration and litigation matters.
  • Providing advice on financial services insurance and policy review for major banks across the Middle East.
  • Advising global reinsurers on insurance claims, negotiating settlements and representation in litigation.
  • General advice to various companies and organizations including banks, hospitals, airlines, shipping companies, retailers and manufacturers in relation to insurance, including life, health, directors and officers, professional indemnity, financial institutions, electronic and computer crime, public liability, product liability, property, construction and employment insurance. Property damage, hull claims, personal injury and life insurance through to professional negligence, computer crime and employer’s liability.