Our Expertise:

We have the technical expertise and capability to advise clients and conduct all types of litigation in the region including Commercial, Employment, Banking, Transport, Insurance, Construction, IP, and Criminal Cases. We also have a large and very well known Real Estate Litigation Practice where we represent many of the major developers in the region. In addition to this, we have been handling an increasing number of cutting-edge mortgage enforcement cases.

The FLF firm represents clients before all civil, labor, and commercial courts in Saudi Arabia. Also, we represent our clients in cases of unlawful competition, forged checks, and checks without provision. In addition to that, we also represent them in infringement of intellectual property rights (more specifically; dealers of counterfeit goods and products), embezzlement and other financial crimes. As well as cases of professional malpractice, insurance and consequent to disputes between client(s) and governmental body lawsuits, real estate lawsuits, debt collection, and even recovery cases.

Our attorneys and consultants are authorized to appear before all competent courts inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.