Private Notary

Private Notary

FLF office has been granted the authorization to provide Private Notary services by means of the Saudi government. This makes it viable for Saudi lawyers to put into effect notarize documents for legitimate functions for Riyadh based parties or companies.

The Private Notary provider is an initiative to privatize a wide-range of services to make them more handy for groups and residents, in attention of Riyadh’s continually developing populace and the want for a wider range of services.

A full list of the documents we are capable to notarize alongside with their respective expenses can be observed right here in English or Arabic.

Important points to note:
  • All documents must be legally translated into Arabic before being notarized.
  • Documents which are required to support the notarization transaction originating from foreign countries should be attested by the relevant government authority of that country and attested by the relevant authorities.